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What exactly is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves the encouragement of free self expression through painting, drawing, collage, and sculpting. An Art Therapist is a person who has been trained to help individuals to utilize art as a means of communication. Oftentimes, when people are overwhelmed with feelings and have a hard time expressing themselves with words- Art Therapy can help with these difficult emotions.


Who can benefit from Art Therapy?


The short answer is Everyone!!


There is no right or wrong way to make art!  No artistic background is needed!

Studies have shown that Art Therapy can not only improve communication but also reduce feelings of stress. In addition, Art Therapy provides a safe space for individuals to process and heal from past traumas.  The creative process can help survivors of trauma express their feelings so that they can move on with their lives. Studies have also shown that Art Therapy can help calm the nervous system and through the exploration of art materials can bring a sense of peace and stillness. By lifting the pressure to talk and instead create- we give ourselves permission to feel and express. Art Therapy isn’t limited to treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression.  Studies have shown that it can help reduce symptoms and progression of some degenerative diseases.  Creative therapy can help revitalize neural pathways and ease irritability in people suffering from such diseases as Alzheimer’s.


The bottom line

Art Therapy is good for you!


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How does yoga/mind body work fit in with Art Therapy?


Studies have shown that Art Therapy can help reduce stress. Studies have shown that yoga helps reduce stress. Both offer physical, emotional, spiritual and mental support. Both Art and Yoga are great vehicles for self care.  Why not combine both?!

I like to open a session with a brief guided meditation and breathing exercises. Clients are encouraged to set an intention of one issue they want to work on in the session.  Gentle yoga can follow or the client can just dive into the art making process.  Just remember, there is no judgement just pure self expression.  To learn more about the yoga and art therapy sessions click on the 'Services' tab.


About the studio


The art studio is fully stocked with a plethora of art materials for you to freely explore. It is in a separate unit on my property. There is total anonymity and privacy.  The space was designed to be uplifting to encourage creativity and self expression while in the same sense, creating a safe space of relaxation. There is even enough room for stretching out with yoga!

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