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Art Therapy is a great way to express your emotions to help you on the path to healing.

No art experience is needed- just a desire to create. There is no right or wrong way to make art!!  I provide a wide array of art materials such as collage, drawing materials, chalk/oil pastels, watercolors, and much much more! #glitter!!  The session is one hour and is structured by a brief meditation/breath work followed by the art making and ended with processing the art created. 


Ages 7-107

60 minutes

Individual Art Therapy $55. *rates include materials



Yoga Therapy simply combines the healing benefits of Yoga with Art Therapy. Both yoga and art have proven benefits for reducing stress and are conducive to overall mental and physical healing. The session begins with a brief meditation/breath. A gentle yoga  session will follow. I teach both restorative and yin yoga for this portion of the session.


Then a one hour session of the art making process begins. We end the session by processing the art and yoga experience.

Ages 7-107

90 minutes

Individual Art Therapy & Gentle Yoga $75.  *rates include materials




Art instruction is offered for individuals who want to simply learn art techniques in drawing, painting, collage and mask making.  No art experience necessary- just a desire to create! Group art classes are also a great way to learn art techniques with your friends or family. Whether it is ladies night out or family fun, groups of 4 are welcome!  **due to COVID-19 groups are not offered until further notice


Ages 7-107

60 minutes

Individual Art Classes $35. Groups of 4 $25/person.

Group Art Therapy- maximum 4 people.  *rates include materials


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